Вышла новая версия Cute News v2.0.1 (2014, March 20)

Тема в разделе "Open Source", создана пользователем Zipoff, 11 авг 2014.

  1. Zipoff


    30 июл 2014
    Вышла новая версия 2.0.1 замечательного движка Cute News работающего без использования внешних баз данных типа MySQL и.т.п

    Main improvements and enhancements:

    1. Fixed HTML escaping;
    2. Fixed date formatting (added the option to enter days of week in any language);
    3. Updated the display of news items, improved pagination, fixed search form (the link to the news from the search is now working);
    4. Fixed display of ID category in Integration Wizard;
    5. Added the $ignore_rewrite option available for the news that doesn't require rewriting;
    6. Added “smart” cutting of words via bb-tag [truncate=N]..[/truncate] (ignoring of HTML markup tags), counting of actual words;
    7. XSS: tags from news are not cut out, except for "script" in various forms;
    8. Fixed counting of active news items for pagination, old indexes are replaced with new ones, added sorting by tags;
    9. Fixed CKFinder implementation, added a plug-in;
    10. Added "Switch to html" mass action in News Listing;
    11. Removed the "IP ban" counter in order for configuration not to return to its default value;
    12. Fixed the Integration Wizard bug (which showed ")" at the end of the template);
    13. Fixed the bug connected with the $template option which failed to work giving the default error;
    14. Fixed thumbnails formation in the media gallery - now thumbs photos are displayed separately;
    15. Added "anchor" in bb-tags to generate links in the format: id=<Id>#my_anchor ;
    16. Added alphabetical sorting in the media gallery;
    17. Removed "greed" of bb-tags capture ([link]...[/link] .... [link]...[/link] captured and formed only one link instead of two).