[Хак] (1.2) Advertisement Manager 1.3.0

Тема в разделе "Плагины для XenForo", создана пользователем Khalid Bahmani, 30 окт 2013.

  1. Khalid Bahmani

    Khalid Bahmani

    30 окт 2013
    One thing that annoyed me about xenForo was the lack of an advertisement manager type thing.

    So I made this today :Smile:

    It allows you to specify your advert code, the template hook to place it at and who should see it (using the user criteria system).

    You specify the template hook where the advert should appear and the advert code and the addon does the rest!

    • Choose exactly who should see the ads using the user criteria system
    • Easy to use admin interface
    • No template modification necessary
    Compatibility: I have tested this only on 1.2. I don't believe it uses 1.2 only features, so it should work on <1.2 in theory.
    Please consider a donation if you like this addon, if you don't have any money, a rating will be nice (although you don't have to do any!).

    Template Hook Names

    The template hook names are the same as the advert template, which most will use