[Хак] (1.2) Social Groups by Waindigo 1.0.12

Тема в разделе "Плагины для XenForo", создана пользователем Khalid Bahmani, 30 окт 2013.

  1. Khalid Bahmani

    Khalid Bahmani

    30 окт 2013
    This add-on adds a new Social Category node type, within which you can set permissions so that users or moderators can create Social Forums from the front end.

    Each Social Category can be set up with different default permissions, with additional user permissions given to users who opt to join or are moderators of a Social Forum.

    Social Forums can be customised with their own logos and full BB code introductions.

    The add-on also includes an importer from the Social Groups for XenForo add-on, which can currently import to a single Social Category. In conjunction with Nodes As Tabs, this add-on can mimic most of the features of Social Groups for XenForo add-on.

    In addition to all the above features, Social Forums work almost exactly like normal forums, meaning they support built-in features such as post moderation, thread prefixes, spam filters, attachments, watching, etc., other Waindigo add-ons such as Newest Post First, and third-party add-ons such as XenAtendo and many more.

    • Upload contents of upload folder to root directory, overwriting any existing files.
    • Install addon-Waindigo_SocialGroups.xml file.
    New features:
    • Added option/permission to change creator of a social group.
    • Added permission to restrict the number of secondary social groups a user can select.
    Bug fixes:
    • Fixed bug that sidebar removal option does not work properly.