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Тема в разделе "Рекламный раздел", создана пользователем dichvusocks, 15 мар 2015.

  1. dichvusocks


    15 мар 2015
    Our proxy service offers you a solution to Internet anonymity problem:quality HTTP/SOCKS 5 proxies!

    Service price



    Here are the main advantages of using our proxy service:

    Full proxy server support for protocols like HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS5.

    Instant access after a payment has been made.

    Option to choose a proxy server with IP-address of a particular country, region or even city.

    Anonymity that we take very seriously, as our proxy servers do not keep any logs and never show your real IP-address.

    Security that always goes first, as all proxy servers run only within our partner program and are not public.

    Methods of payment for Buy Proxy service

    You will be offered to make a payment for the service immediately after registration of your personal account.

    Currently, our proxy service automatically has been accepting electronic payments from Buy Socks Perfect Money, and WebMoney, BTC online payment systems.

    For example, if you use WebMoney online payment system you need to follow these steps: go to a home > click on Buy Socks> select icon WebMoney payment method, Please completed Step 1 then go to bank, and click Confirm >Please sent $ Webmoney step 1, after click comfim type catpcha> Acount process.

    For example, if yo use BTC online payment system you need to follow thes steps : go to a home>click on buy socks>selection icon BTC payment method and fllow the further instructions on BTC

    For example, if you use Perfecmoney online payment system you need to follow these steps: go to a home > click on Buy Socks > select icon Perfectmoney payment method, and follow the further instructions on Perfectmoney Page.

    Terms of use

    · Each brightly only use a single account

    · If you have any questions or problems using our service, please immediately notify us by email : yahoo & skype: dichvusocks , Live chat.

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