[Хак] Friendlier URLs by BOP5 - 0.9

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  1. podarkirf


    6 сен 2014
    For SEO purposes it is often best that only standard English characters and numbers are in URLs.

    If you have a forum where non-English languages are used and you have letters with accents or other symbols in them they would become part of the links to your threads and your site would be indexed like that. However when a user searches for something like "Jagermeister" they will usually type "Jagermeister" into the search and not the technically correct "Jägermeister."

    Previously in VB4 there was no way to convert ä to a automatically, or even to strip them from the URL altogether.

    This mod adds those options. It has a built in translation table for the most commonly used accented characters. It also allows you to specify custom translations if there are additional letters you want to translate to their English/Latin equivalents.

    It also includes a final option to simply strip (remove) any special characters it can't translate.

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