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  1. cupin06


    15 июн 2013
    IP.SEO for IP.Board aims to provide additional search engine optimization features and tools to our software. IP.Board itself already has many built-in SEO related features and this app builds on those features to extend the capabilities for those who has an interest in SEO. In addition to new capabilities, IP.SEO also looks at your configuration and gives you advice on the best way to ensure that search engines can easily index your community content and properly rank that content.

    Here are some of the key features of IP.SEO:
    • IP.Board SEO Advice - IP.SEO lists specific items that you review or change to improve your search performance.
    • Meta Tags, Anywhere - Set custom meta tags and page titles for specific pages, entire sections, or even all pages of your IP.Board site.
    • Sitemaps - Generate a sitemap for your IP.Board content. Currently supporting IP.Board topics and forums, IP.Blog blogs and entries, IP.Content pages and databases, IP.Downloads categories and files, IP.Gallery 4.x, some third party applications, with further support coming soon. Set the number of items from each app to be included, and the priority that should be assigned to them. Full support for the IP.Board permissions system. Run in the background as a cron job.
    • Sitemap Pings - Once your sitemap has been generated, IP.SEO will automatically "ping" search engines to tell them there's new content available to index.
    • Search Activity Statistics - See how many visits you've had from users coming from search, and from the search engine spiders themselves. See what your top keywords are, or report on specific keywords, search engines and more.
    • New topic XML-RPC pings (ping-o-matic, etc.)
    • Select a default skin specifically for guests and thus also for search engines
    • Add Google Analytics tracking code automatically.
    • Replace Next/Previous links in topic view with real topic titles.
    Installing IP.SEO

    The installation process for IP.SEO is simple, here's what you need to do:

    - Upload all of the files from the ZIP file you've downloaded, to where you have IP.Board installed.
    - Create a blank file in your forums root directory called "sitemap.xml" and CHMOD it to 0777.
    - Log into your Admin CP, and go to "Manage Applications and Modules"
    - Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find "IPS Add On / IP.SEO"
    - Click install and let it run through the installation process.

    Once that has completed, you can start to use IP.SEO - Go to the My Apps link at the top, and click "IP.SEO" in the menu. You'll be presented with the IP.SEO dashboard, where it will give you advice on your IP.Board configuration.