Q2APHP – q&a social network 4.1

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  1. klop


    19 ноя 2012
    Welcome to Q2APHPSocial Q&A network like ask.fm
    New update – version 4.1! Update! Version 4.1
    In this version was changed 90% of files! Replace all files from archive or try new installation. In this version database is compatible with 3.4 version or older version.

    Attention! Was founded bug with online sticker – just rename it from Online.gif into online.gif (media/images/Online.gif). It will be fixed in next version Demo:http://q2aphp.infoFeatures:

    Administration panel
    [​IMG] – Site settings
    – SEO settings
    – User and question moderation
    – User ranks moderation
    – Gifts and stickers moderation

    Users registration
    [​IMG] – User registration and authentification by social networks
    – Users search
    – Top users, online users, last users lists
    – Follow/ block users
    – Users backgrounds like on ask.fm

    Anonymous question / answers
    [​IMG] – Privacy system (block anonymous or some user)
    – Comments system (Anonymous posibility)
    – Atache images on comments and answers
    – Likes

    User ratings[​IMG] – Points system (Can be used for monitization)
    – Page with top users

    User gifts
    [​IMG] – Draggable gifts like on ask.fm
    – Anonymous/Public/Private gifts
    – User stickers
    – Bonus: 102 gifts in package included

    Stream with latest answers
    Notification system
    MultilingualAutomatic installationChangelog:
    • Version 4.1
      - Fixed online sticker
      - Fixed languages file
      - Fixes in style for all pages
      - Added image for disabled account
      - Added user id on profile page
      - Deleted link from likes count on profile page
      - Fixes with links and emoticons
      - Deleted disabled users from top list
      - Fixed profile reactivation
    • Version 4.0
      - New design
      - Code optimisation (90% of all files changed, deleted unuseful files)
      - Fixed error 39 bug with disabling page
      - Fixed bugs with images and GD library
      - Fixed bugs with anonym link on avatars
      - Fixed bug with followers dublicates
      - Fixed bug with deletd gifts on user gifts page
      - Fixed bug with time for online users
      - Added function for different timezones
      - Added online sticker
      - Added new form of time – with text. Eg: 3 hours ago, 7 days ago, etc.
      - Added online users statics in administrator panel
      - Added unfollow button in follows page
      - Added Romanian translation
      - Added stream on homepage
      - Changed “People” page
      - Optimised queries for deleting users and answers – now will be delleted all information with this user / question
      - Deleted responsive style
    • Version 3.4
      - Fixes with authentication and users images
      - Added smiles
      - Little code optimisation
    • Version 3.3
      - Added posibility to change number of points from admin panel (Users>Profile Tab)
      - Added for testing responsive design
      - Added user image in inbox questions page
      - Added clickable URL`s
      - Fixed russian translation
      - Fixed stream link for comments
      - Fixed wrong login/password authentification (Now will appear message)
    • Version 3.2
      - Installation fixes
      - Fixes with auto refreshing page
      - Updated like button
      - Added button “Load more” for questions on profile page
      - Added GD library
      - Added loading animation for stream page
      - Updated notifications menu, added notifications page
    • Version 3.1
      – Added search user by username, real name, surname in admin panel
      – Added badges for verified users, like on twitter
      – Fixes with sending mail
      • Version 3.0
        – New user interface
        – Added ranking system with points
        – Added gift and stickers system
        – Added notification system
        – Added possibility to atach images on answers and comments
        – Added stream page
        – Added likes system
        – Another fixes
      • Version 2.0
        – Added user custom backgrounds
        – Added top, last user lists
        – Added social registration and authentification
        – Added russian translation
        – Fixes
      • Version 1.0
        – Anonymous asking, answering and comments questions
        – User registration, user search
        – Patterns for user backgrounds
        – Follow system
        – Privacy system (block user or anonymous users)
        – User settings
        – Administrator panel
        – SEO settings
        – User and questions moderation
        – User ranks for site moderation with rules
        – Automatic installation
        – Multilangual

    Installation is automatic, please look
    Thank you for attention
    Hellyeah нравится это.
  2. ggjj12345


    6 апр 2013
    This is version 4.1?
    in config.php file, I see this line
    define("SCRIPT_VERSION", "3.4");
  3. klop


    19 ноя 2012
    Q2APHP 5.2 RUS скрипт социальной сети вопросов и ответов.
    Особенности Q2APHP:
    • Автоматическая установка
    • Возможность задавать, отвечать и комментировать вопросы (Анонимно)
    • Списки топ пользователей, поиск пользователей
    • Система подписок
    • Система конфиденциальности (Блокировка пользователей, анонимов)
    • Возможность смены фона, рисунка на страницах пользователей
    • Регистрация аккаунтов / Регистрация и авторизация через соц. сети
    • Мультиязычная с возможностью добавить языки (Включен русский и английский язык)
    • СЕО настройки
    • Панель администратора
    • Ранки пользователей для модерации пользователей и вопросов
    • Верстка под разные размеры разрешения экрана
    • Система лайков
    • Рейтинг пользователей
    • Отправка подарков
    • Передвигаемые подарки
    • Стикеры
    • Верифицированные аккаунты
    • Лента с последними вопросами всех пользователей
    • Оповещения
    • Библиотека GD для сжатия изображении
    демо http://q2aphp.info/