[Хак] Track Guest Visits - 4.2.0

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  1. podarkirf


    6 сен 2014
    This tracks the number of guests that have visited a forum each day. This isn't possible in stock vbulletin as no record is kept of guest visits, they are a 'realtime' display only.

    This modification adds another section to the "What's Going On" area.
    It also has seperate pages to display (1) the list of guests, and (2) the pages a particular guest has visited

    Options / Features ;

    * The ability to turn the whole modification on/off.
    * The ability to turn just the forumhome display on/off.
    * The ability to allow (or prevent) certain usergroups viewing the forumhome display.
    * The ability to switch between 'Today' and Rolling 24 Hours display (default).
    * The script that the Guest is running is logged (e.g. showthread, usercp etc).
    * The request variables in use are logged (e.g. threadid, userid etc).
    * The guest table can be cleaned of old records to help control it's size.
    * The datastore read (for spider detection) will read from the File/APC/Xcache datastore if used [note, not Memcache].
    * Guest Views data collection - tracking each guests viewing of the forum index page, forums and threads.
    * Guest Views data collection can be separately disabled.
    * Multiple guest visits to the same page are logged separately.
    * The option to keep a record of [and display] the most ever guests.
    * Usergroup permissions are done with the standard vbulleten usergroup permissions system.
    * Clicking on the main display icon will list the recent visits by all guests (if allowed).
    * Clicking on a Guest type in the main display will list all recent visits by guests of that type (again, if allowed).
    * Clicking on the option in the guest listing will show that guests viewing data (if enabled, and allowed).
    * The main display can be set as always collapsed on initial page load (4.0.3 +)

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