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  1. musicfront


    26 сен 2012
    Wordpres Plugin for Facebook Page allows you the freedom to do whatever you like with your Facebook fan page and some of the main features include but not limited to:
    • Drag and Drop Visual Designer
    • Premium crisp templates
    • Fangate which forces fans to like your page before revealing the premium content, resulting in more likes for your page.
    • FriendGate which requires people to refer their friends to either unlock some part of your Facebook fan page or receive a discount or free download, that is entirely up to you how you use this viral weapon on your Facebook fan page.
    • Host sweepstakes on your fan page, use the viral power of free competitions to win prizes
    • ShareGate which requires your fans to share your page or post on your page to unlock something
    • InviteGate which is similar to ShareGate but requires fans to invite their friends to your fan page to unlock discounts or premium content you have on your page.
    This new version has lots of great new features that make customizing fan pages to go viral and squeeze the most ROI from your fan base as possible, all thanks to the built-in viral features of this tool.

    sales pages : http://wp4fb.com/
    download [agency] : http://www.mediafire.com/?dbplb926mm5vmh7
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    3 янв 2013
    интересная штуковина, интересно русифицированная существует?