[Хак] Envolve Chat Integration Module

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  1. cupin06


    15 июн 2013
    vB Version: 3.8.x



    About the Envolve Chat Plugin
    This module will connect your vBulletin forum to Envolve chat. Envolve is a chat toolbar similar to Facebook's chat bar that allows your users to have group and one-on-one chats with each other while browsing your forums.

    This mod requires an API key from Envolve in order to function. Visit http://www.envolve.com to get one. A free version is available that provides a full feature set for up to 25 concurrent users. Higher numbers of chatters require a paid account.

    This mod integrates your forum's account system with Envolve so that when users are logged into your vBulletin site it also logs them into the chat. In addition, it integrates your profile pictures / avatars and profile information. With the 2.0 release of the mod, other users can now view your profile information and get a link to your profile simply by placing their mouse over your name.

    The Envolve chat system is a rich solution for community chat. Some of its features include group chat (both public and private), one-on-one chat, the ability to pop chats out into their own windows, moderation controls (boot / block / ban / timed ban), chat message translation, resizable chat windows, chat sharing, and drag-and-drop chat invitations. As a hosted solution, all chat traffic is handled by Envolve's servers and will not place any additional load on your server.

    Detailed installation instructions can be found here:
    https://www.envolve.com/docs/vbulletin-chat-plugin.html. They are also provided in the Readme.txt file.
    You can see and try out the chat at http://www.envolve.com.

    This version of the mod will work for both vBulletin 4.x and vBulletin 3.8.x.