[Хак] Extra Profile Fields Tab

Тема в разделе "Хаки, моды и скрипты 3.8.x", создана пользователем cupin06, 10 июл 2013.

  1. cupin06


    15 июн 2013
    vB Version: 3.8.x


    Note to all: Yes I will be upgrading this mod if needed to work with vB 4.0, but not before it goes gold on or around the ETA of December 21st. I personally wouldn't recommend anyone upgrade their forum for a couple weeks after it comes out so that the modding community has a chance to test their code on the gold version.

    This product requires my Extra Profile Fields Page product. This product places the Extra Profile Fields into a new tab on the user's Public Profile.

    To Install:
    1) Save the attached product-extratab.xml file.
    2) Navigate to AdminCP -> Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> [Add/Import Product]
    3) Browse to wherever you saved the file.
    4) Import!