[Хак] Moderate New User Registrations (ModCP Option)

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  1. cupin06


    15 июн 2013
    vB Version: 3.8.x

    What Does This Hack Do?
    This is an update to my 3.7.x version of this hack, with the addition of being able to ban members too (this new feature has NOT been included by Jelsoft in the standard vBulletin AdminCP moderate user functionality).

    This hack was created because I liked the idea of the request in this thread, and seems to have been requested quite a few times over the years.

    Do you have a spam problem and have resorted to manual user registration? If so, have you noticed that it is so tedious and wish you could spread the love by getting other people to do this for you, but not give them AdminCP access? If the answer is yes to both questions, then this hack is for you.

    This is a hack gives your Super Moderators (and Administrators) the option in the ModCP to now manually approve new user registrations, that before now only Administrators could do from the AdminCP.

    This means you can now spread the load of manually approving users with your Super Moderators, leaving you the administrator more time to do other things.

    A notification in your welcome block in the navbar is displayed (if the notification option is enabled in the AdminCP) when there are new user registrations to be moderated. This is displayed to both Administrators and Super Moderators. The notification will only generate 1 extra query per page load (only if the notification is enabled, and then the extra query is only for Administrators and Super Moderators, so if you want to save a query then disable the option).

    As this has been asked for a few times over the last couple of versions of this hack, all users being moderated by Super Moderators are now set to Ignore by default, so undesirable users are not accepted by accident.

    Also included in this hack, if enabled and a ban usergroup is selected in the AdminCP Options, is the ability to ban users and emailing them to let them know, instead of just deleting them (this new feature has NOT been included by Jelsoft in the standard vBulletin AdminCP moderate user functionality), as it has also been requested before. So, if the ban feature is enabled, then Administrators clicking the notification link to moderate new registrations will be taken to the ModCP version (this hack) instead.

    There is also an AdminCP Option to enable logging of user moderation to the Moderator's log.

    What Do You Get?

    With all features enabled in this hack, when there is a notification on the navbar that there are new user(s) to moderate, Super Moderators and Administrators can do the following for each individual moderated user:

    Accept User (they are now a member)
    Delete User (delete them from database)
    Ban User (user is banned, username can not be reused)
    Ignore User (leave them as a user yet to be moderated)

    Or for all new moderated users, they can do the following:

    Accept All
    Delete All
    Ban All
    Ignore All

    vBulletin Version Compatibility
    This hack can be used with vBulletin versions 3.7.0 - 3.8.8.

    This hack is not compatible with v3.6.x (due to fact that notifications in the welcome block were not introduced until v3.7.0), but fear not, you can use the unsupported v3.6.x version of this hack instead.

    IMPORTANT: This hack is no longer supported.

    There is a small unobtrusive block of copyright branding text at the bottom of each page generated by this hack, which is there to promote my work and allow you to use this hack for free.

    You are NOT allowed to remove my copyright branding from this hack.

    Install/Uninstall Instructions
    There are no file or template changes at all and is fully phrased. You just need to upload 1 file, import 1 product and alter the correct vBulletin Options in the AdminCP, and then it will work from then on.

    The InstallInstructions.txt instructions file is included in attached .zip file.

    Shown in this order:

    Notification in navbar
    ModCP sidebar (with Moderate Registrations showing)
    Moderate New User Registrations (with ban feature enabled)
    Moderate New User Registrations (with ban feature disabled)
    Showing what the banned user would look like in my Banned Members Log hack
    AdminCP Options
    Moderator Log

    Version History
    v3.8.005 - Wednesday 5th August 2009
    -- Updated: Screenshots
    -- Changed: user_moderation.php
    -- Added: AdminCP Option to enable logging of action applied to each user in the Moderator log
    -- Added: 3 new phrases

    v3.8.004 - Tuesday 30th June 2009
    -- Updated: Screenshots
    -- Changed: user_moderation.php
    -- Added: Option to send email to users that have been banned
    -- Added: 3 new phrases

    v3.8.003 - Tuesday 7th April 2009
    -- Updated: Screenshots
    -- Changed: If both ban user and notification features are enabled, administrators are also taken to the ModCP version of this hack. The AdminCP version does not have the ban user feature.
    -- Changed: Redirect in ModCP forces a full page refresh, so that whole ModCP is viewable after moderating new users.
    -- Changed: Install/uninstall instructions file
    -- Changed: VersionHistory.txt
    -- Added: Ban user feature. If enabled extra and a ban usergoup is selected buttons appear when moderating new users.
    -- Added: AdminCP Options to turn ban feature on, select ban group selected moderated users are to moved to and ban message.

    v3.8.002 - Thursday 19th February 2009
    -- Fixed: Form header incorrect, caused problems
    -- Updated: Screenshots
    -- Changed: File - user_moderation.php
    -- Added: Install/uninstall instructions file
    -- Added: VersionHistory.txt

    v3.8.001 - Wednesday 7th January 2009
    -- Initial vBulletin v3.8.x Release
    -- Changed: Code re-write
    -- Changed: All users being moderated are now set to "Ignore" by default